C’est du lourd …


Voici "Sumo" mon nouveau papertoy poids lourd.

Le plan tout léger (255ko) de"Sumo" est disponible gratuitement au téléchargement.

Please welcome Sumo; may new heavyweight papertoy!

You can download the template here for free.

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  1. Very nice. In a bilingual sort of way. :)

    In the future, could you try keeping the info (such as author, link, cut/fold/glue points, etc) on a separate page ? Usually the first page. Without any parts on it. And, if possible, the tabs white so it won’t waste additional ink.

    Just a suggestion. Otherwise I think it’s a great model.


  2. I’ll think about that ;-)

  3. oh punaise; mais c’est le Balou… Oô
    Chouette travail, Stephane ;)

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